ADR and UN Certified Bulk Bags Explained

Posted on - 23rd June 2021

To ensure the safe storage and transportation of hazardous materials and chemicals, FIBC bulk bags must-have features that are designed to prevent explosion, fire, toxic contamination, chemical burns or environmental damage.

For this blog, we will take a closer at what it means for bulk containers to be ADR and UN certified.

Safety and stability with our bulk bags

Bulk containers from Centurion Packaging have a number of unique features and can be certified as meeting UN recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Materials. This is commonly referred to as 'The Orange Book'.

FIBCs need to demonstrate durability in tests such as top-lifting, accidental dropping, tearing, toppling, stability in stacking and self-righting to quality for UN certification.

Of equal importance is that the bags carry markings showing that the contents are hazardous and the markings indicate the type of hazard clearly. This type of labelling is governed by the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Woven sacks can also be certified as meeting the ADR standards with regards to labelling.

What are the ADR Hazard Classes?

ADR certified bulk containers are required to carry labels indicating the hazardous nature of the contents. There are 9 main classifications, most of which have sub-classes covering risk levels or specific materials -

● Class 1 - Explosives - Any chemical compound, mixture or device which is designed to function by explosion.
● Class 2 - Gases - Gases including compressed, liquified and those dissolved under pressure.
● Class 3 - Flammable Liquids
● Class 4 - Flammable Solids - This subclass covers self-reactive substances, solid desensitised explosives, substances liable to spontaneously combust and substances which, when in contact with water will emit flammable gases.
● Class 5 - Oxidising Substances - A subclass covering organic peroxides.
● Class 6 - Toxic Substances - This includes infectious substances
● Class 7 - Radioactive Material
● Class 8 - Corrosive Substances
● Class 9 - Miscellaneous

Reliable bulk containers from Centurion Packaging

If you are looking for ADR and UN certified bulk containers, you need to make Centurion Packaging your first destination.

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