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The collection, storage, and transportation of crops, seeds, foodstuffs, fertiliser and produce is an essential part of the agricultural and horticultural process.
For arable farmers and wholesale nurseries the flexible intermediate bulk container, otherwise known as a bulk bag, or big bag, is an indispensable way of containing a broad range of fertilisers and crops. Capable of holding quantities of up to a tonne. They are vital to the movement of a multitude of dry, flowable products.

Uses for FIBC Bulk Bags on Farms and Nurseries

Two key times of year when the FIBC bag is indispensable is during the spring and harvest. Seed and fertilisers get transported in bulk across the country so that arable farmers and horticulturists are ready for the busy growing season. Once it is time to gather in the harvest, these methods are also suitable for moving and transporting crops.

Polypropylene bulk bags are a way of segregating fertilisers or seeds to avoid cross contamination. This ensures suppliers and merchants can be confident of delivering a pure and high quality product Tough and durable for seed or grain, cereals and animal feed. Bulk bags can be reused, they are lightweight and when not in use flatten down for effective and compact storage, taking up little space in a barn or store. If large quantities need to be moved to another area of your farm for use, this can be achieved efficiently.

In an industry where profit margins are often tight, having a method of storing and transporting efficiently helps to maximise that.

Agricultural FIBC Bulk Bags and Sacks from Centurion Packaging

Centurion has been supplying merchants and processors, in the seed industry for many years. Making us one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Our FIBC's are available in any colour required and can be plain or printed with your specific requirements.

We can design and supply to match your exact needs.

Please contact our sales office to discuss your requirements.

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