How automation increases productivity with FIBCs

Posted on - 9th June 2021

Using FIBC bulk bags in manufacturing, shipping and raw materials facilities is the best solution to receive products, move products around the shop floor and ship out to your customers.

Sometimes traditional methods for filling, discharging and transporting FIBCs are not always the most efficient.

Workshop automation strategies and equipment will help you to quickly and safely move products, whilst still utilising bulk containers. For this blog, we will take a deep dive into facility automation strategies that will improve your bulk bag usage throughout your operations.

Automated Filling and Discharging for FIBC Bulk Bags

One of the best ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of bulk containers is by using automated filling and discharge systems.

Some warehouses will use fully automated bagging systems that are designed to fill bags quickly as part of a conveyor line. The speed of these systems can vary, but generally, they are able to fill 30-40 FIBCs per hour. This method is much quicker than manual filling, plus they eliminate the need for having multiple staff members filling them.

Automated discharge systems are another automation method for factories, that commonly use a forklift attachment to secure the bag using the handles, making it straightforward to discharge materials using the bags' spout bottom. These can be integrated into a production line and increase safety and speed.

Can I palletise bulk containers?

Palletising bulk containers before shipping is a great way to secure the materials and makes it easier to handle and stack them. This can be a time-consuming task as you will need to use automatic stretch wrappers that help to eliminate wasted materials but on the flipside will increase speed, efficiency and safety once installed.

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