What are different discharge types for bulk bags?

Posted on - 16th June 2021

Bulk Bags from Centurion Packaging are made from flexible, woven materials that can typically hold between 500kg and 2000kg of flowable product.

There are a number of different FIBC construction methods and bulk container discharge types to keep in mind, depending on your application.

Are there different discharge types?

Bulk containers are used in industries such as food production, chemical handling, building, construction, and mining operations. For our latest blog, we will look the seven main types of discharge for FIBCs.

Bear in mind there are a number of unloading methods for bulk containers, with some companies using a forklift, pneumatic or screw conveyor, stationary frame, a specialised unloading station or a hoist to empty their FIBCs.

Choosing the best discharge method and type of bulk bag you need ultimately depends on how your company handles materials.

7 Bulk bag discharge types

Here is what you need to know about the most common FIBC construction types and discharge methods -

Plain Bottom (No Spout) - A plain bottom bulk container without a spout is a cost-effective option, but it can only be used once. To discharge the product, you will need to cut open the bottom.

These FIBCs are typically used for operations where discharge is not part of the process, or where fast discharge is needed without the need to reuse the bag.

Bulk Bag Discharge Spout Closure - FIBCs with a discharge spout are the best option when the user wants to reuse the container. The spout is part of the bag's construction and does not harm the container during discharge.

Bulk containers with a discharge are generally considered to be some of the most popular in the industry.

Conical Discharge Spout - A conical discharge spout helps to ensure all contents of the bag are emptied. A common issue amongst standard FIBCs is that material can build up in the corners of the bag.

For bags with standard discharge, users will need to shake the container to remove all the material. A conical discharge spout allows the material to flow easily from the bottom of the container without any leftovers stuck in the corners.

Discharge Spout with Flap - If you need to protect the spout from moisture, you can choose a discharge spout with a flap. The aforementioned flap is made from tough fabric and attaches to the base of the bag before securing it with a band that prevents dust collection.

Flaps fit the same dimensions as the bulk container and act as access doors for the spout. If you are concerned about contamination, protecting the discharge spout using a flap is the best option.

Duffle Bottom Bulk Bag Discharge Type - A duffle bottom gives you the option to discharge all contents of the container quickly and easily. This type of discharge is mainly used for bulk material with the entire bottom of the bag opening to release the product that does not flow easily or clump together over time.

Fastening the bottom of the bag with a polypropylene tie that could include a perimeter closure that secures the product during transport and storage. Some duffle bottom bulk containers also use a flap that protects the bag until discharge.

Full Drop Bottom FIBC Discharge - A full drop bottom bulk bag uses a flat piece of fabric connected to one side of the container. You can tie the flap to the other side of the bag which allows you to release the entire bottom to discharge the material.

Full drop bottom bulk containers are ideal if you need a simple discharge solution that does not require slicing the bag open like plain bottom FIBCs.

Iris Closure and Discharge FIBC - When you don't need a fixed connection, an iris bottom gives you a way to control the flow of material using an iris valve. The discharge spout pulls through the valve which is then secured around the spout.

When you gradually open the valve, the material starts discharging and you will be able to prevent any uncontrolled blasts that limit dust from spreading through your plant area during product flow.

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