Why Polypropylene Valve Sacks Are the Best Solution

Posted on - 30th June 2021

While paper bags have been the industry standard for valve sacks for a long time, woven polypropylene bags have become the modern choice.

Paper valve bags are made with layers of paper liners, which allows them to breathe during the filling process and afterwards and not tear.

As a modernised option, woven polypropylene bags are designed with Micro perforations that enable the bag to breathe while preventing any spillage. These perforations can also be customised to accommodate the size of the specific product being added to the bag.

What are the benefits of valve sacks?

Woven polypropylene sacks have a number of benefits that make them a smarter choice than paper bags -

Puncture Resistant - Bags left out on display by retailers or being unloaded on loading docks are more likely to get punctured. Luckily, woven polypropylene fabric is more durable than paper plus it is resistant to tears and puncturing. This means it delivers a stronger packaging solution than your traditional paper valve bag.

Versatile - Woven polypropylene sacks give companies greater versatility across a number of industries. From food and spices to sugar grain and pulses, our valve bags are the optimal packaging solution for foodstuffs. Fertiliser, chemicals, seed and animal feed can also use woven PP bags plus they can be used as promotional shopping bags.

Chemical resistance - Diluted bases and acids do not react with polypropylene making it a good choice when shipping cleaning agents plus certain liquids.

Elasticity - Polypropylene is a tough material that can deform and stress without breaking. The material is more flexible than plastic, although it experiences plastic deformation early in the deformation process.

Resistance to fatigue - Polypropylene holds its shape and form after torsion, bending and flexing, making it a dependable choice.

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