Textile Recycling

textile recycling


From packaging to storage and recycling, Centurion is suppliers of a wide range of products to the textile industry.

Our products include -

Bale Wraps - Our range of woven polypropylene bale wraps are puncture-resistant plus they are impervious to moisture and won't succumb to rot. Bale wraps from Centurion Packaging can also be printed to suit your branding requirements and in any size required.

Botany Bags - Botany bags from Centurion Packaging are available in plain white with dimensions of 72x72x137cm with the added bonus of free UK mainland delivery.

Envelope set - Polypropylene envelopes are an easy and simple solution for the storage and mailing of CDs and DVDs, featuring a window that allows you to view the disk, meaning you can see the contents at a moment's notice. Using polypropylene provides extra protection for disks from scratching and any other damage to your data's integrity.

Shoe bags - Polypropylene shoe bags are extremely durable and reusable, making them very popular in the textiles industry for clothing. The transparent woven fabric is rot proof and single folded at the bottom with stitch for added strength. Shoe bags are also useful for site clearances, general building waste, sand plus fruit and vegetable.

Flat fabrics - Centurion Packaging's range of polypropylene flat fabrics have multiple layers that provide high tear strength and durability. This protects goods from adverse environmental conditions and can be used for the packing of lumber cloth packing textiles yarns.

Proud Members of the Textile Recycling Association

Centurion Packaging is also proud to be members of the TRA (Textile Recycling Association). As the UK's trade association for collectors, sorters, processors and exporters of used clothing and textiles the Textile Recycling Association promotes the best practice in the industry. Centurion Packaging, alongside the TRA, aim to be a force for creating a favourable climate and highlight the environmental benefits of recycling.

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